Everything Seniors NEED to Know!

End of Year Info for Class of 2023!

Seniors - here is a one stop shop on what you need to know NOW for your future. See a school counselor for more details! See your school counselor CLICK HERE.
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COLLEGE! Not sure when to do what? Check out this College Planning Timeline for Senior Year! Or see the bottom of this page!
 Also, here is a link on help with writing a College Essay!

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School counselors are starting Credit Checks and Senior Surveys in early September. Be prepared to talk with your high school counselor. 
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Helpful vocab...
Common Application – This standardized college admissions application is accepted at over 400 colleges. Using the Common Application can save students who are applying to two or more of these colleges hours of work. www.commonapp.org 
Deferred Acceptance – Sometimes students who apply early decision or early action are not accepted or rejected; they are deferred. This means that the college is postponing the admission decision. Deferred students can often improve their chances for admission by providing additional information (evidence of improved grades or higher test scores, an impressive letter of recommendation, etc.). 
Early Action/Early Decision – Students who apply early action or early decision submit their application for admission early in their senior year. These students then receive early notification on the college’s decision. 
Early decision is binding. Students applying for early decision make a commitment to enroll if they are accepted. Early action is not binding. 
Rolling Admission – Colleges with rolling admission make decisions on applications as they receive them. Applicants are usually notified of their acceptance within three or four weeks. 
Selectivity – Colleges have varying levels of selectivity. Colleges with open admissions generally accept any student with a high school diploma. Selective and highly selective colleges are looking for students with impressive credentials (high GPAs and test scores). 
Waitlisted – Waitlisted students are accepted if enough of the accepted students don’t enroll. Like deferred students, waitlisted students can improve their chances of acceptance by providing additional information. 

College Admission IS:

=          A personal journey. This is your search so own it.

=          An invitation to explore identity and purpose. This will not happen overnight.

=          Imperfect. It is a human process, so expect “user error.”

=          A celebration of your hard work.

=          About engagement, so lean in.

=          Exciting. The minute it becomes a chore stop and check yourself. Enjoy the ride.

=          An investment in you—both short and long term.

=          About unity, not vanity, so don’t sacrifice relationships for status.

=          A privilege, so take advantage of the opportunities you have.

=          Full of choice, so be open and consider all of your options.

College Admission is NOT:

=          A value judgment on whether you are “good enough”.

=          Life or death.

=          Fair.

=          About status. Aim high, but for the right reasons.

=          A game or prize.

=          The final exam for high school. You only do high school once, so live in it.

=          One size fits all.

=          To be taken at face value. Dig deep and ask probing questions.

=          A reason to create an unreasonable schedule, so prioritize balance.

=          A passive experience. You are in control so assert it.

=          Linear. There are many pathways to your future, so consider them all.

=          A search for perfection. There is not one “right” college.




  • Most seniors apply to 5 - 10 colleges/universities.  If you are applying to more than ten colleges, be aware of the application fees.  Generally, these range between $50 - $100 per application.
  • Maintain a master list/calendar that includes upcoming test dates, application due dates, financial aid application forms and deadlines and other materials that you may need.
  • See your High School counselor if you need assistance with fee waivers.
  • If you must take the SAT or ACT one more time, September or October would be the last recommended test date. Sign up early!
  • Log in to Naviance to complete "Colleges I'm Applying To."  This section must be completed so that counselors can submit various documents, including transcripts, electronically.  This can be updated throughout the application season.
  • If you are applying to at least one Common Application college, give your school counselor the Common Application Student Report to School Counselor Form immediately after you have submitted those specific applications.  Your school counselor will send the"Secondary School Report" which includes an evaluation/recommendation and your official transcript. 
  • If your are applying to Common Application colleges, you will also need two letters of recommendation.  Hopefully, you have already asked your teacher(s) to write you a letter of recommendation.  Immediately after you submit your Common Application, please notify your teachers by giving them the Common Application Student Report to Teacher (Letter of Recommendation) form. 
  • You may begin completing and submitting the Common Application this month.  


  • Finalize your college choices!
  • Prepare Early Decision or Early Action applications as soon as possible.
  • By now, you should have already received your letters of recommendation from two teachers.
  • Complete your application essays based on each university's requirements.
  • If you have not had your test scores sent to the college(s) to which you are applying, be sure to contact the College Board or the ACT to have them sent.  If you have been granted a SAT or ACT fee waiver, you may be eligible for an additional four score reports sent at no charge. 


(Class of 2022: You and your parents may file your FAFSA beginning October 1st using 2020 tax information.)


  • November 1 - 15:  For Early Decision admission, colleges may require test scores and applications between these dates.  
  • Complete your application essays; proofread them carefully for mistakes.


You may be getting admissions decisions from out-of-state public schools at this time.  


  • The Common Application colleges and many out-of-state schools will require that you send a "mid-year" report that includes your first semester grades. Fill out and return a mid-year report/transcript request to the counseling department.
  • Stay focused - NO SENIORITIS! 

MARCH 2022

  • File income taxes early, if possible.  Some colleges will want copies of your family's tax returns (or other tax documents) before finalizing financial aid offers. 

APRIL 2022

  • Here it is - the moment you've been waiting for!  By mid-April, you should be receiving acceptance letters and financial aid offers.  
  • If you make an immediate decision, let your school counselor know so that we can celebrate with you by announcing your decision. Congratulations!
  • If you have questions about housing opportunities, call the college right away.  You'll probably be required to make a deposit.

MAY 2022

  • MAY 1st:  Colleges cannot require a deposit or commitment to attend before May 1st, but you may commit before May 1st if you've made a decision.  
  • By May 1st (postmarked), you must inform every college of your acceptance or rejection of the offer of admission and/or financial aid. Every college provides specific instructions.
  • Send your deposit to ONE COLLEGE only.
  • Wait-listed by a college?  If you will enroll if accepted, contact the admissions counselor/director with your intent and inquire about strengthening your application.
  • Contact the college's financial aid office if you need to resolve any financial aid problems.


JUNE 2022

Can you believe it's over? Congratulations, Class of 2022!

You still have one more important assignment -  

  • A final transcript must be sent to your college upon high school graduation.  Submit your request in Naviance by June 1st!
  • Also, the NCAA Eligibility Center will require a final transcript to complete the eligibility process.
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