Career Advising

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Interested in a trade school maybe? Check out this website! Best Trade Schools


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Practical Tips for Parents

  • Ask what assessments or career interest inventories are offered at the school? Make an appointment to meet with the counselor and teen to discuss the results of the assessment.
  • Learn what classes will support your teen in his/her post-secondary interests.
  • Be positive! Some fields may have hefty educational requirements or steep competition for school placement. Familiarize yourself with career clusters or occupations that are grouped according to common skills and learning.
  • Talk to your teen about your own career learning: good decisions, what you would have done differently and continued plans for your own career.
  • Have your teen investigate online career inventories, especially if the high school does not offer career guidance.
  • Encourage exploration of various fields through internships, shadow visits and interviews.
  • Check in with your teen periodically to discuss post-secondary plans and revise accordingly.
  • Start a savings plan early, and explore scholarships and financial aid as needed for college or post-secondary training.


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