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In terms of geography, Cloverleaf Local School District is one of the largest in Ohio at 119 square miles. It's comprised of five villages and five townships: Chatham Township, Chippewa Lake Village, Gloria Glens Park Village, Guilford Township, Harrisville Township, Lafayette Township, Lodi Village, Seville Village, Westfield Center Village and Westfield Township.

The Transportation Department operates 37 school buses and eight auxiliary vehicles that transport more than 1,700 students on a daily basis. District buses travel more than 650,000 miles per year, averaging almost 20,000 miles per bus.

Cloverleaf Transportation Tips

In order to help the Transportation Department get ready for the 2019-2020 school year, if your child/children will be picked up or transported to a different location other than home, we will need to have a “Transportation Childcare Request Form” filled out and returned to the Transportation Department.  

The form may be found on the Cloverleaf website under the Transportation Department.  The form may be faxed to:  330-948-8431 or mail the form to:  Cloverleaf Transportation, 109 Maple Grove, Lodi, OH  44254.
If you are moving over the summer and staying in the Cloverleaf District, please make sure to fill out a “Change of Address form” which can be located on the Cloverleaf website.  Please check the form to see what documents you will need as verification.  This information will need to be turned into The District Registration Secretary at Cloverleaf High School.
Help us find you:

Please display your house numbers clearly on your mailbox (both sides). This helps the bus driver find stops much more efficiently. This is especially helpful with our kindergarten and younger students.      



John Ewart
Transportation Director
Cloverleaf Transportation Department
109 Maple Grove Ave.
Lodi, Ohio 44254-1331 


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