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In terms of geography, Cloverleaf Local School District is one of the largest in Ohio at 119 square miles. It's comprised of five villages and five townships: Chatham Township, Chippewa Lake Village, Gloria Glens Park Village, Guilford Township, Harrisville Township, Lafayette Township, Lodi Village, Seville Village, Westfield Center Village and Westfield Township.

The Transportation Department operates 37 school buses and eight auxiliary vehicles that transport more than 1,700 students on a daily basis. District buses travel more than 650,000 miles per year, averaging almost 20,000 miles per bus.

Cloverleaf Transportation Tips

Changes for 2020-21

District Transportation cannot be as accommodating of special transportation requests this year as we have tried to be in the past. With the added difficulties of assigned seats, mask usage, mask monitoring, and daily sanitizing of all our buses, we can only accommodate one location for bus entry and one location for bus exit. If special circumstances require your child to be dropped off on different locations on different days, we ask that you make alternative transportation arrangements.         

In order to help the Transportation Department get ready for the 2020-21 school year, if your child/children will be picked up or transported to a different location other than home, we will need to have a “Transportation Childcare Request Form” filled out and returned to the Transportation Department.

The form may be found on the Cloverleaf website under the Transportation Department.  The form may be faxed to:  330-948-8431 or mail the form to:  Cloverleaf Transportation, 109 Maple Grove, Lodi, OH  44254.
If you are moving over the summer and staying in the Cloverleaf District, please make sure to fill out a “Change of Address form” which can be located on the Cloverleaf website.  Please check the form to see what documents you will need as verification.  This information will need to be turned into The District Registration Secretary at Cloverleaf High School.
 Help us find you

Please display your house numbers clearly on your mailbox (both sides). This helps the bus driver find stops much more efficiently. This is especially helpful with our kindergarten and younger students.      
   Board policy and Medina County Health Department rules for Cloverleaf School buses
Once the buses are set, the drivers will assign each student a seat and that will be the seat they are to remain in each time they ride the bus unless the driver changes their seat. Students will not be allowed to change buses. This will be done as well for the mid-day and PM buses and be in effect for all Cloverleaf buses
Anytime a student rides a Cloverleaf bus they must wear a mask. Those that fail to follow this policy will be referred to the appropriate Principal.    
There will be times that a driver may be sick and a different bus is used but the seating chart and mask policy will not change on any run or bus.  
 MCCC Students and Parents
When Cloverleaf Schools are not in session and MCCC is:   
Cloverleaf will provide transportation to and from Cloverleaf High School and the Medina County Career Center. Parents will need to bring their students to CHS to access the bus to the Career Center.  Listed below is the schedule of times buses will be running.
Bus or Buses will be parked down by the area of the Annex building (between the CHS main building and the football stadium) buses will arrive between 7:15-20am to load students. Buses will leave C.H.S at 7:35am for the Career Center arriving at approximately 7:55am.
Mid Day
For students that attend the Career  Center for a half day, transportation will also be provided.
Bus will be at the CHS Front doors at 11:00am to pick up any students that need to go to the Career Center for afternoon classes. Bus will leave CHS at 11:05am arriving at 11:25am. The bus will then wait for any morning students until 11:30am then proceed back to CHS dropping off students at the front doors at approximately 11:50am.  
Buses will arrive at the Career Center approximately 2:00pm and wait for school dismissal at 2:10pm when the buses are loaded (approximately 2:15) we will then proceed back to CHS and drop off students in the annex area (approximately 2:35pm).  
 At this time we don’t know the # of the bus transporting students while Cloverleaf is not in session.  
When Cloverleaf is in session
 Students will be picked up by our regular route buses from home, brought into CHS and then transfer to the Career Center shuttle buses that are parked beside the annex building. Students may be dropped off at CHS by a parent or drive to CHS (please note that a parking pass will need to be obtained from the CHS office if a student plans to park at CHS and then ride the bus to the Career Center).
 When Cloverleaf starts the school year the buses to the MCCC will be as follows:
   AM: 24 & ?                    Mid-day: 38                        PM: 28 &23
In years past the buses left at 7:28am and a late bus at 7:32am. This year both buses will leave at 7:32am. Due to the covid concern, AM and PM students will have a choice of either bus to ride. If one bus has more room students may be asked to change buses to balance the number of students on a bus.  





John Ewart
Transportation Director
Cloverleaf Transportation Department
109 Maple Grove Ave.
Lodi, Ohio 44254-1331 


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