The Cloverleaf Board of Education believes students should, under certain prescribed circumstances, benefit from an interdistrict open enrollment policy. Guidelines for the transfer of students, based upon criteria established by the school's administration and in conjunction with recommendations from officials of the Ohio Department of Education are listed below. These guidelines are intended to be consistent with Section 3319.98 of the Ohio Revised Code.


Public Information 


Annually, the district will inform residents about open enrollment options, including deadlines, available to pupils. Information about the district's educational programs and application procedures will be available upon request. Each adjacent superintendent and board of education will be informed of the application procedures and available programs for students. 


Application Procedures


Notification of open enrollment option to district parents. Interested parents may request information/application materials from the superintendent's office. Student(s) MUST be registered in his/her district of residence before making an application for Open Enrollment. 




July 1

Open enrollment applications are due via the online application platform. 


July 15

Parents/guardians are informed of acceptance or rejection; acceptance is limited to one school year and contingent upon paid school fees . Home district is notified of the grade level and number of students accepted. 


July 31

Parents must notify Cloverleaf Local Schools of their acceptance or rejection of open enrollment. Failure to respond will forfeit their application for that year. 

August 1

The open enrolled student(s) school fees must be paid by August 1st of the given school year. If fees are not paid by the provided date, the student(s) open enrollment application will be canceled for that school year.

September (Friday, first full week)

Last day to inform parents/guardians that their application is being revoked because student stations are no longer available due to increased enrollment of students who reside within the school district. (Home districts will be notified of any change in enrollment status of accepted students on an ongoing basis.) 

December 1
Open enrollment is closed for the current school year. Cloverleaf families that have moved outside of the district during the school year may still
apply for open enrollment throughout the remainder of the year.

Prioritizing Applications


The following criteria will be used to prioritize applications (1 = first priority):


1. Resident students (includes students returning from other options). 


2. Applicants who have attended Cloverleaf Local Schools previously under the interdistrict open enrollment program. 


3. Applicants who were residents of the district but moved to a contiguous district. 


4. Other--prioritized by the time/date their application was received. 



The Cloverleaf Local School District requires interdistrict, open enrollment parents to provide transportation for their children to and from school. However, Cloverleaf Schools will provide transportation for open enrollment students in accordance with state law, upon request. Parents must provide adequate supervision of students at bus stops that may very well be miles from the student's home.


The following steps are required, if accepted: 


1. Submit online application (below) to the Cloverleaf superintendent’s office. 


2. Enroll your student(s) into the Cloverleaf School District. 


3. Middle school and high school students must make an appointment with the school counseling office to schedule classes. 

Information needed to enroll in the Cloverleaf School District:


1. Proof of residency 


2. Student birth certificate 


3. Immunization records 


4. Any court papers regarding custody, guardianship, restraining orders, etc. pertaining to the student.


Open enrollment application


Please click HERE for online application.


If you have any questions, please contact: 


Elizabeth Wallace

District Registration Secretary

Cloverleaf Local Schools

8525 Friendsville Road

Lodi, Ohio 44254







[email protected]



7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Monday through Friday   

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