Dear Parents and Guardians,

As of Oct. 3, 2023, Ohio law was changed to update home schooling requirements. Based on ORC 3321.042, parents/guardians electing to home school their child(ren) must submit a Homeschool Notification Letter annually. All notification letters must include the six subjects outlined in ORC 3321.042 and all other appropriate information in accordance with the law. Notification letters must be submitted to the district by Aug. 30 each year. If starting home education or withdrawing from the district, a notification letter must be submitted within five calendar days.

Parents/guardians have the option of submitting the notification letter via the online form below. The online form incorporates all necessary information required under ORC 3321.042. Upon completion of the online form, an acknowledgment email will be sent to the email address provided. The acknowledgement email may be printed and saved for your records.

Parents/guardians who wish to submit their notification letter via email or U.S. Postal Service may send the letter to [email protected] or to 8525 Friendsville Road, Lodi, Ohio 44254.

We wish your family a great school year!.

Home Education Notification Form 
Academic Assessment Report: Written narrative
Accepted Standardized Tests

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