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We are excited to welcome students to Cloverleaf both virtually and in-person! School will look different in almost every way, due to the COVID-19 safety protocols put into place with the guidance of the Medina County Health Department. On this page, you will find news updates, as well as links to helpful information as we navigate these challenging times together.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
Updated Sept. 14, 2020

Last 7 DaysCumulative

  Cloverleaf Elementary School -- Number of students, teachers, staff

  members, or coaches who have tested positive or been diagnosed

  with COVID-19:



  Cloverleaf Middle School -- Number of students, teachers, staff

  members, or coaches who have tested positive or been diagnosed

  with COVID-19:



  Cloverleaf High School -- Number of students, teachers, staff

  members, or coaches who have tested positive or been diagnosed

  with COVID-19:



  Note: This report has been established in accordance with the
  Ohio Department of Health’s Sept. 3, 2020, order requiring reporting
  and notification regarding COVID-19 cases. In compliance with the
  ODH order, this notification is being provided via Cloverleaf's
  established website.

Latest updates

Sept. 14, 2020

Hello, Parents!

Last week we had a great first week of school considering all the changes we had to make to our in-person learning environment to begin our year. Today, we have our first confirmed COVID-19 case in our schools. The purpose of this email is to communicate what you should expect to hear from us as a school district when a student or staff member becomes a confirmed case.

On Sept. 3, school districts received a Director’s Order from the Ohio Department of Health establishing protocols for our communication with our communities about COVID cases. Essentially, there are two different communications you should be aware that we will administer when we have a confirmed COVID-19 case.

The first notification will be if your child shares “a classroom space or has participated in a school activity during the infectious period of a student, teacher, staff member, or coach.” This would mean someone in your child’s classroom, bus, sport, or school activity is confirmed or diagnosed with COVID-19. My hope is you won’t be panicked by receiving this email notification. It doesn’t mean your child should be quarantined or tested. It’s meant merely to make you aware. We have a system of communication established directly with the Medina County Health Department in which we will be assisting them with their contact tracing protocols. If it is determined through the contact tracing process that your child should be quarantined, you will be contacted directly by the Medina County Health Department.

The second notification will be just a general number of confirmed COVID-19 cases over a 7-day period in each of our school buildings. We will also tally a cumulative number of cases for the year in each building. You will not be sent an email for this but can see the results in the table above.

Due to federal privacy laws, we cannot disclose the names of any students, teachers, staff members, or coaches who are diagnosed, test positive, or under quarantine for COVID-19.

Again, I’m merely sending this email to inform you about our established procedures. We want to be transparent, but we certainly don’t want to alarm you when you receive that first district email about a COVID-19 exposure in your child’s classroom.

Daryl Kubilus Jr.

Sept. 8, 2020

Hello, Cloverleaf Parents!

It was great seeing our kids on campus and virtually for the first time today! Although we are sure to have some bumps in the road, I'm so glad our Cloverleaf students are back in school!

Last week we received the news that Medina County had a bad week with regard to new COVID-19 cases. Although our county maintained our Level 2 (orange) designation, our "incidence rate" rose from 58.97 to 82.89 per 100K population in one week. The highest incidence rate for our county prior to last week was 65.09.

I'm telling you this because we utilize our Medina County rating in the Ohio Advisory System as an indicator for our decision-making process on whether or not to temporarily close our schools. Specifically, if our county is Level 3 (red) AND meets the criteria for "high incidence" of COVID-19 cases (as defined by 100+ cases per 100K population over a 2-week period) we will transition to remote instruction for our in-person students until our county transitions out of Level 3. I have also been advised by our Health Department that we will receive a formal recommendation to close our buildings to in-person instruction if our county meets that same threshold of Level 3 AND high incidence of 100+.

The exact board-approved language from our Re-start Guide can be found HERE. I'm hopeful our county will do better this week so that we can continue with our current plans to keep our schools open for in-person instruction. Just know, that if there ever is a need to transition to remote instruction for our in-person learners due to a short-term closing, you will hear that directly from me via phone call.

Thank you for the great support you continue to show for Cloverleaf Schools!

Daryl Kubilus Jr.


COVID-19 Re-Start Guide

Last updated Aug. 27, 2020. Please note this is a fluid document and may be updated as circumstances change throughout the school year.

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