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Most adults have heard of Facebook and Instagram, but it’s the social media outlets many parents and educators haven’t heard about that should concern us the most. The truth is, some phone and mobile device apps can present real dangers to children and teens – from making them vulnerable to online predators, to kids unknowingly engaging in illegal behavior themselves.
On Oct. 18, 2016, Lead Special Investigator David Frattare of the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force gave an adults-only presentation at Cloverleaf Elementary School, offering information and strategies to help parents monitor children’s online activities and keep them safe in the constantly evolving world of social media.
The audience also had the opportunity to hear a judicial perspective from Medina County Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Dunn, as well as a law enforcement perspective from Medina County Sheriff's Dep. Mark Brooks, who is Cloverleaf's school resource officer.
We recognize that not all those who wished to attend the 2016 Social Media Awareness Night were able to be there. We are happy to provide this video recording of the evening, as well as Mr. Frattare's PowerPoint presentations for parents and students. He will be returning to Cloverleaf in 2017 to make presentations to middle and high school students about staying safe online.
Our thanks to Mr. Frattare, Judge Dunn, Dep. Brooks and all those who were able to attend or take time to watch this video. We are grateful to our community partners and to Cloverleaf families for joining us in this effort to help keep our kids safe.
Thank you. 

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