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Welcome to Nursing Services:

The mission of the Nursing Services Department is to optimize student and staff health, supporting a quality education for every student every day.

Nursing services in the Cloverleaf Local Schools are provided by Registered Nurses (RNs) who have master level nursing and have also taken the special education requirements to be licensed as School Nurses by the Ohio Department of Education.  The elementary school has a full time RN for the building and the middle school and high school share a second full-time RN. Please contact the school nurse if your child has a medical condition, needs daily medication or has a chronic health condition, especially if that condition may affect their school day.  Students with medical conditions usually attend school more regularly when parents and school nurses work together. No medication (including OTC and herbal) can be given at school without an order from your health care provider.

The forms listed to the right will help facilitate your child’s medical needs while at school. Please print the forms (or request them from the nurse) for the following reasons:

1. Daily Medication form:  If your child needs to take a daily dose of a prescription medication or you would like to keep a medication in the clinic for occasional situations (i.e. headaches, cramps, etc.). DO NOT fill this form out for medication due to asthma, food or insect allergies, or seizures.
2. Asthma Action Plan (2 pages): This form needs to be filled out if your child needs to use or carry an inhaler at school. This form includes the medication prescribed, self-carry permission, and emergency action plan that the school is to use.
3. Insect or Food Allergy Plan (2 pages): This forms needs to be filled out if your child needs to use or carry an epinephrine autoinjector or store other allergic reaction medication at school. This form includes the medication prescribed, self-carry permission, and emergency action plan that the school is to use. Remember: If self-carrying an epinephrine autoinjector, the Ohio Revised Code requires that a second one be stored in the school’s clinic.
4. Seizure Action Plan (2 pages): This form needs to be filled out if your child needs to have medication on hand for the management of a seizure while at school. This form includes the medication prescribed and seizure management plan that the school is to use.


This form is only for overnight district field trips!  When choosing the medication you want given to your child, PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE ONE FORM (i.e. tablets or chewables); NOT BOTH!
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The Cloverleaf Schools will follow the Ohio Department of Health’s Communicable Disease recommendations.  The following is a brief list (see form for more) of when your child is able to return to school:
Common Cold:  Feels well and has not had a fever for 24 hours
Cough:  Cough is not severe or persistent
Diarrhea:  24 hours after the last occurrence without medication used.
Fever:  No fever greater than 100.0’F for 24 hours.
Pink eyeNeeds a doctor’s note; can return 24 hours after treatment started.
Rash: Need’s a doctor’s note stating when the child may return; all areas must be covered at school. 
Strep ThroatNeeds a doctor’s note; excluded until on antibiotics for 24 hours; no fever for 24 hours.
Vomiting:  24 hours after the last occurrence without medication used.



Attention Juniors and 6th graders:  the required Tdap and Meningitis vaccines will be offered at Cloverleaf by The Medina County Health Department on March 2, 2017 (location is High School) & March 13th, 2017 (location is Middle School) from 3-5pm.  Students can go to either school if needed.  Forms are available below.  Please call the school nurse to reserve a spot: 330-302-0203
Parents can now enjoy the convenience of having their child visit a doctor's office for sick-visits, well-visits, immunizations, sports physicals and more without leaving the Cloverleaf campus. We're proud to be the first school district in Medina County to host the Cleveland Clinic Mobile Health Unit. Please click HERE to read more.  The Mobile Unit will be here: March 7th, April 4th, & May 2nd.
Headaches at school tend to increase during the winter months due to the increase in the use of cough and cold/sinus remedies. Medications for these symptoms are used to "dry-up" nasal drainage; but they also tend to make students more thirsty or cause a "dehydration headache."  Please encourage your child to drink more water during the day or bring a water bottle to school.  Please contact the school nurse at your child's building if you have any questions or concerns.
During the winter months, schools see an increase in cough, colds, and asthma.  Since the cold air is a trigger for asthma along with viral colds, students that need an inhaler (even is self-carrying) must have a medication form on file at the school per Ohio law and school policy.  This also includes those students that are placed on an inhaler for short-term treatment- the visit summary or hospital discharge papers can not be accepted as a medication form
NEW VACCINE REQUIREMENTS for 7th and 12th graders:
The Ohio Department of Health as mandated new vaccine requirements for 7th and 12th grade.
All 7th graders must have 1 dose of the MENINGITIS vaccine along with the Tdap vaccine.  All 12th graders must have 2 doses of the MENINGITIS vaccine unless the 1st dose was given on or after the age of 16 years old (only 1 dose of Meningitis will be required then). 
Upon Recommendation by the CDC, FLUMIST will not be available this fall (2016) for patients. 
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