Curriculum Maps

Dear Cloverleaf Parents and Guardians, 
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development -- a professional learning community for educators -- calls a curriculum map a working document that illustrates exactly what is taking place in classrooms. Maps reveal what is being taught over the course of a year, within a unit of study, and sometimes, even down to a specific lesson. Often, a map will include essential questions, the content that will be covered, skills students will demonstrate if they understand the content, assessments, and activities.
Curriculum maps are never considered "done," nor is having maps meant to be the ultimate goal of curriculum mapping. Maps are a by-product of collegial dialogue and decision-making. Curriculum mapping can be the vehicle for opening up the lines of communication among all educators within a school system. Encouraging teachers and school leaders to have conversations within their own buildings as well as with other schools in their district will lead to a greater sense of collegiality. Such conversations will help educators focus on more than what takes place in their own individual classrooms.
Robert E. Hevener
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Cloverleaf Local Schools 

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