Additional Credit Flexibility Information and Guidelines

For Cloverleaf High School



All of the definitions and explanations on this page should be used to complete the attached paperwork that is required for any flexible credit option you intend to pursue. New paperwork must be filed with each new option you attempt.


Competencies. Competencies establish general expectations which have been approved for each course in Cloverleaf High School. The competencies that you select will have some natural content and skills associated with them. 


Essential Questions. This question focuses your flexible credit, drives your learning, and motivates your work. It should be broad enough to challenge you and be approached from many different angles. It lends itself to interdisciplinary research.


Content/Skills. Content and skills are specific descriptions of what you will know and be able to do at the end of this project. 


Activities. These are the actions that you are planning to take to answer your essential question(s). They can include, but are not limited to, private instruction, apprenticeships, community service, online courses, independent study, senior projects, post-secondary courses, performance groups, research-based projects, and/or other contracted activities. They provide checkpoints and discussion for your meetings with your content teacher of record. Plans for attendance should be included in this section of the paperwork. The amount of credit for which you are working toward is also required in this section.


Assessment. Final Project. Presentation. Evaluation. This is the way for you to show mastery and demonstrate evidence of learning in your particular area. It can include an end-of-course exam, performances, presentations of knowledge gained, portfolio of work, or other options. All options must be aligned with clearly defined educational standards and be appropriate representations of the standards/competencies students are expected to achieve. All evaluations must include feedback to you from the teacher, panel, and/or evaluators using a specific rubric. You are to create this rubric with your teacher of record then have it approved by your school facilitator/department chair/committee. It is your responsibility to present the approved rubric to all who will be involved in the assessment at least one week prior to the evaluation. 


Grading and Awarding Credit. Grades will be issued and credit awarded through your demonstration of mastery of the course competencies (85% mastery). Course credit granted through flexible credit will be recorded the same as other credits. Grades and credits will be included in your grade point average and reported on your official transcripts. The option you are choosing must be included in the Activities section. 


Appeals Process. If you wish to appeal your grade, you are to submit a written explanation of your concerns and all flexible credit paperwork (including the plan, rubric, evaluation feedback, notes, etc.) to the site coordinator no later than one week after the release of the grade. The district team will meet within ten school days to read appeals and make decisions. Senior appeals will be decided no later than April 15 of the intended graduation year.






Suggested Role in the Development of Credit Flexibility



ü Attend initial informational meeting sponsored by Cloverleaf High School

ü Acquire application for flexible credit

ü Complete paperwork gaining required signatures and approval

ü Actively participate in the development of activities required for earning credit

ü Communicate with supervising/mentor teacher to ensure success

ü Participate in final assessment that ensures mastery and evidence of learning



ü Attend initial informational meeting sponsored by Cloverleaf High School

ü Sign any necessary paperwork for student

ü Actively support the development of activities required for earning credit

ü Pay all fees encumbered during the contracted option

ü Communicate with supervising/mentor teacher during the contracted option

ü Regularly review progress of flexible credit with student


Teacher of Record

ü Attend professional development/in-service meetings regarding credit flexibility program

ü Serve as the content expert for curriculum area

ü Provide leadership and guidance in identification of essential competencies for curriculum

ü Provide leadership and guidance in suggesting activities and resources to support the student’s learning

ü Assure that the learning activities and strategies meet the ODE standards

ü Meet with student on mutually determined specified timeline to accomplish contracted work

ü Create (with student) the assessment/project/evaluation that ensures mastery and evidence of learning

ü Communicate with parent/guardian at least once during the contracted option

ü Complete Student Feedback sheet distributing copies as indicated on form

ü Maintain complete copy of all paperwork


District Credit Flexibility Committee


ü Attend professional development regarding credit flexibility program

ü Give final approval of individual students’ paperwork and credit flexibility option

ü Read and sign off on each flexible credit option

ü Inform building administrator of flexible credit options being implemented

ü Maintain complete copies of all paperwork on all students’ flexible credit options

ü Maintain responsibility for general supervision of each flexible credit option

ü Develop, implement, evaluate, revise district-wide credit flexibility program as required by the Ohio Department of Education

ü Gather and submit district-wide data as required by the Ohio Department of Education

ü Consult with students and parents as necessary in regard to credit flexibility options

ü Evaluate learning shown through assessment

ü House paperwork for flexible credit options

School Counselor

ü Attend professional development/in-service meetings regarding credit flexibility program

ü Receive applications for credit flexibility

ü Sign needed paperwork for each flexible credit option

ü Ensure that student is scheduled for classes as determined by approval of credit flexibility option

ü Confirm that proposed credit flexibility option meets graduation requirements

ü Update transcript once paperwork is received regarding credit

ü Maintain copies of flexible credit paperwork as needed

ü Serve as a member of the Credit Flexibility Team



ü Hear appeals concerning grading and awarding of credit

ü Make final determination of grading and awarding of credit following appropriate appeals process



Additional Credit Flexibility Information

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