Dear Cloverleaf Families, 
This handbook includes the Student Code of Conduct and other information that we hope our families fnd helpful. The contents of this handbook are reviewed for appropriate reviesions each year by a team comprised of teachers, support staff, and administrators. We also consider feedback submittd to us by parents and students. Please do not hesistate to let us know if you have any questions or if there is some way we can improve this document (content or format) for future school years.  

Jamie Lormeau, Principal
Bart Randolph, Associate Principal 

Student and staff safety are our priorities.  Note that we are continually responding to orders from the Governor, mandates from the Ohio Health Department, as well as guidance from the Ohio Department of Education.  Please understand that it may become necessary to change rules, procedures, and policies laid out in this handbook.  If this occurs, we will keep our students and their families apprised of any changes we must make.

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