New CES Traffic Pattern

New Traffic Pattern at CES Starting April 1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your patience as we thoughtfully address challenges posed by driveway and parking lot traffic at Cloverleaf Elementary School – particularly during afternoon pick-up. We listened to your concerns and are rolling out a new traffic pattern beginning our first day back from spring break on Monday, April 1. (No fooling!)

To create the safest and most efficient traffic flow, we engaged the services of professional traffic engineers from GPD Group – the architectural firm overseeing construction of the new middle school / high school.

Here are the two key changes devised by GPD traffic engineers:

  1. The Buffham Road driveway will become the entrance driveway to the school. It will be one-way traffic only and feature two lanes. The right lane is for vehicles that are picking-up or dropping-off students. The left lane is for those who wish to park in a parking space and enter the building.
  2. The Friendsville Road driveway will be the exit driveway for all vehicles. New stop signs will control traffic flow as drivers leave the pick-up / drop-off area or parking lot and exit to Friendsville Road.

You will see extensive signage and pavement markings to help guide you in the new traffic pattern. You’ll also receive additional reminders from us via call, email and text.

You may be asking: Why not wait until the 2024-25 school year to roll out these changes? We are taking advantage of the time we have in April and May for drivers to get comfortable with the new elementary school traffic pattern before introducing the new high school / middle school traffic flow when that building opens in August.

Good things almost always come with growing pains! And good things are happening at Cloverleaf! There will be a learning curve for all of us as we adapt to the new traffic flow. We are grateful for your support and ask for your continued patience with us and with fellow parents and guardians as we strive for the same goal: To keep our kids safe and to be as efficient as possible in the operation of our school.


Cloverleaf Elementary School

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