Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does my child need to be using the restroom independently to attend preschool?
A: No. Preschoolers identified with disabilities are not required to be independent in the restroom. We work on self-help skills and building independence daily. Peer model preschoolers MUST be independent in the restroom.
Q: Are waivers available for monthly peer model tuition?
A: At this time we do not accept waivers or have scholarships available for peer model students. Students with disabilities are not required to pay monthly tuition.
Q: How do teachers address all students' needs with typically developing students and students with disabilities?
A: All students are assessed using our curriculum-based assessment at the beginning of the school year to determine their strengths and areas of improvement. Based on these results, teachers create an array of small-group, large-group, and independent work to build all students' skills. All students' progress is monitored and reported according to the primary grading periods. Low student-to-teacher ratios allow for direct, individualized, one-on-one instruction opportunities.
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