Construction FAQs

What is the distance from one end of the new high school’s classroom wing to the other? With just one elevator at the end of the hall, will travel time be a concern?

The distance is approximately 200 feet. The building plan became a three-story structure to make the floor plan more compact, which should keep the travel times shorter. The other advantage of a more compact building is there is more room on the site for possible future expansion of the middle school wing and the high school, if it were to become necessary.

Can students use student dining areas as circulation spaces?

Yes, the student dining spaces are envisioned as open areas that can accommodate students for multiple functions beyond just the lunch periods.

Will there be entrances to the courtyard?

Yes. The courtyard will have doors so that it can be utilized by students.

Will there be dedicated study hall spaces?

No. There are extended learning areas located throughout the classroom wing for students to study, work and collaborate. These will offer more flexibility than a traditional study hall. As the interior design becomes more developed, you will be able to get a sense of these spaces in 3-D rendered images.

How many classrooms are in the new design compared to the existing high school?

Before the building design started, a Program of Requirements was created based on multiple conversations with staff. There will be some “right-sizing” in the new design, since the existing high school was built to house many more students than are currently enrolled. It is important to note the classrooms in the new building will be larger than those in the existing high school.

Is the building on budget? Will there be a bond issue to pay for it?

The building is on budget and there will NOT be a bond issue to fund the high school or future middle school wing. The district is utilizing NEXUS pipeline tax revenue and funding from the State of Ohio for these projects.

What is the timeline for design and construction of the new high school?

An early site package is out to bid and the project will begin with earthwork and utility infrastructure this fall. The bulk of construction will start in spring of 2022 for the school to open in the fall of 2023.

Will there be a place to park the band trailer and truck?

Yes. There is parking for both located just outside the band room of the new high school.

How big is the concession area in the gymnasium lobby? The music department currently utilizes a storage room to house a lot of concession equipment.

It is 200 square feet. This room will have a sink, electrical outlets, cabinets and countertops.   The architect will consult with the music department to make sure the layout can accommodate its needs.

What is the height of the band room?

The height of the band and vocal rooms is approximately 20 feet. The ceilings may be sloped for better acoustics.

Will there be light poles in the parking lot where the marching band will practice?

The lighting design is not yet complete, but there will be no light poles in the 60-yard striped area where the band will practice. 

Is it possible to put a second floor over the music storage area to create more storage space?

This square footage would count toward the overall square footage cost of the building. Additionally, it would not meet Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Construction of a future storage mezzanine could be a topic for discussion. Flooring and accessways would need to be added.

Is there a vestibule to prevent light and sound from spilling into the auditorium from the lobby?

Yes, there are “light lobbies” at all auditorium and stage entrances.

Was the balcony in the auditorium removed from the design?

Yes. This was removed as a cost-saving measure. The number of total seats in the auditorium (650) remains the same. The seating in the rear of the auditorium will be stadium-style seating that will offer better viewing angles.

What type of stage rigging will the auditorium have?

Electrical stage rigging is preferred for safety.

If they are starting to do the groundbreaking for the new high school in the fall, where should the middle school students go to school during the process of construction?

Middle school students will continue to attend the current middle school during construction of the new high school. (The new high school will be constructed right behind the current middle school.) When the new high school is done, middle school students will move temporarily into the former high school. The middle school will be torn down. At some point in the near future, a middle school wing will be added to the new high school and then the former high school will be torn down.

Where would the baseball team practice their baseball if their field is being torn down and being moved near Friendsville and Buffham roads?

Cloverleaf has worked out an agreement with Westfield Center to use the village's baseball field during the construction process. We are grateful for the village's partnership and support of Cloverleaf students.

How will middle school students and high school students be separated in the new building?

The middle school academic classrooms, offices, etc., will be located in an entirely separate wing of the building. A design concept presented at the June 23, 2021, community meeting showed the middle school art room located adjacent to the high school art rooms. In such cases, access for middle school students will be managed through traffic flow and class schedules. While the general populations of CHS and CMS students will not interact on a daily basis, having both schools in the same building opens up significant resources for middle school students and provides new opportunities for collaboration under the supervision of Cloverleaf staff.

Does the local fire department have the equipment to access a three-story building?

The Westfield Fire and Rescue chief has confirmed the fire department will have access to the equipment needed in the unlikely event of a third-story fire. In addition, the building will be fully fire-suppressed, divided by firewalls, and will be accessible from all sides. The architect will meet with local safety forces as the building design is developed.

Will high school students be able to move between the multiple student dining areas?

Yes. High school students have expressed the desire to have more food choices and the freedom to sit where they want and with whom they want. Middle school students will eat in a traditional cafeteria setting.

How will the proposed courtyard of the new high school be maintained?

An easily accessible path or a small storage room for maintenance equipment will be provided in the courtyard.

The new concession stand and restroom complex at the stadium appear to sit below grade. How will that work with water drainage?

With construction still underway at this time in Summer 2021, the final grading has not yet been completed. The sidewalk and drive area will slope to drains.

Where will the marching band practice?

There will be a 60-yard football field striped for the marching band on the bus parking lot.  

How does the seating capacity of the current high school gym compare to that of the new high school gym?

The current seating capacity is 1,400. The proposed seating capacity is 1,200. The open end of the main gymnasium can be set up with movable bleachers or seating to add capacity. Additional bleachers for approximately 200 will be located in the auxiliary gymnasium.

Will high school students only be able to collaborate with a teacher during lunch if that teacher happens to have a plan period during that student’s lunch?

In the model currently being explored, students and staff could receive a one-hour lunch schedule at the same time. Teachers would be available to students for at least 30 minutes of that hour, regardless of when their plan period occurs.

If the high school does not have lockers, will students be able to wear their coats and carry their backpacks in the building during the school day?

Yes. Having experienced life without lockers under 2020-21 COVID-19 safety protocols, a focus group of CHS students indicated by a wide margin they actually prefer that arrangement. It makes class changes faster and hallways less congested. That said, lockers will be available to students who want them. From the standpoint of the new high school design, removing lockers frees up significant square footage for other uses.

What security measures will be in place for classrooms? I.e. for lockdowns?

Improved security measures such as cameras, corridor doors that can be shut remotely in a lockdown, etc., will be integrated into the new building.

Will there be exit doors directly from the ground-floor classrooms?

Exit doors from these classrooms may be beneficial in some instances, but that has to be weighed against potential breaches in security if doors are propped open.

Will there be windows in most of the classrooms?

Yes, generally in all classrooms.

Are there separate locker rooms for high school boys and girls and middle school boys and girls? Are they equipped with restrooms/showers?

Yes, the plan is for separate locker rooms for these groups. They are typically provided with restroom facilities as well as showers.

Will there be more e-learning plans so that teachers could teach online or broadcast games / concerts, etc.?

At Cloverleaf, we believe face-to-face instruction and peer interaction are what’s best for most students. However, one of the positives to come out of our COVID-19 experience is that it has revealed ways online instruction can complement the classroom experience. The new high school will be equipped with technology to facilitate various methods of instructional delivery and potential streaming of public events.

When will the high school be completed?

Completion will be in the summer of 2023 for the 2023-24 school year.  

Will the building include green infrastructure, such as permeable paving, rain gardens, wildflower areas, etc.?

The building will be designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification. This certification requires management of stormwater in both volume and quality. It is recommended that areas of low-maintenance vegetation be included in the design. Permeable paving, which theoretically is possible to incorporate, in practice does not hold up well to Northeast Ohio winter weather conditions that require snow plowing and salting.

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