Cloverleaf Online Learning Academy- a 100% Online Option

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Link to courses offered 

Summer School Option

Contact our Summer School Principal for more information:

Mr. Preusser, Counselor 
Registration Line: 330-302-0330 or 330-302-0331
Registration Email:  [email protected]

Credit Recovery
Enrolled in a credit recovery class and forget how to log on? CLICK HERE for login information to our system. Contact a counselor for more information. 
Correspondence and Independent Study Options
If you are interested in earning credits through a correspondence option or Independent Study, please contact your school counselor for approval and registration materials.  The schools are listed below with their websites. 

American School of Correspondence

Want to get credits on your own? For a fee, you can take accredited high school classes: 

BYU Independent Study 

View text-based website