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2021-22 Return-to-School Plan
August 5, 2021

Dear Cloverleaf Families,

As promised, I am providing you with the 2021-22 Return-to-School information that was unanimously approved by the Cloverleaf Board of Education on Aug. 4. Parents can now finalize their decision regarding whether or not their children will attend school in-person or remotely.

If your child(ren) is attending school in-person, please watch for more information from your child’s school.

Please click HERE to register for the Colts Online Learning Academy (COLA). (Registration is open August 5-11).

Please click HERE to register for the Medina County Educational Service Center Virtual Academy.
Descriptors for each virtual option can be found in the Return-to-School plan below or in the links above. I look forward to the start of a great school year!

Daryl Kubilus Jr.

Cloverleaf 2021-22 Return-to-School Plan 
(Aug. 4, 2021)

Face Masks
Face masks will be optional for all students and employees in school except while on school buses (see “school buses” below). Per the Ohio Department of Health, we strongly recommend students and staff who have not been vaccinated wear masks.

Social Distance
We will keep as much seated social distance as we can, but there will be no guaranteed minimum.

School Buses
Per a mandate from the Centers for Disease Control, all students and employees will be required to wear face masks while riding school transportation. We will keep as few students in a seat as the route will enable.

We will follow the requirements of the Medina County Health Department. Currently, quarantine is required if someone is less than six feet away from a COVID-positive or COVID-probable person for more than 15 minutes in a 24-hour period. However, if the parties involved wore face coverings and were at least three feet apart, or if someone is fully vaccinated, quarantine is not required. School district communications to families regarding quarantine will continue via the September 3, 2020, state order. We will continue to follow this or any new orders.

Hallway Patterns
Strict one- and two-way hallway traffic patterns will no longer be enforced.

Hygiene and Cleaning/Sanitizing
We will continue utilizing hand-sanitizing stations throughout the campus. We will also continue to clean high-touch areas (railings, door knobs, etc.) through the day.  Additionally, all classrooms will continue to be sanitized on a daily basis.

Drinking Fountains
In addition to water bottle filling stations that were added last year, drinking fountains will also be made available in buildings this year.

Volunteers will, once again, be permitted in buildings, subject to Cloverleaf board policy.

Breakfast and lunch will, once again, be free to all students for the 2021-22 school year.

Student Schedules
All students will attend school on a typical five-day schedule, per the district calendar.

Online Learning Options

Colts Online Learning Academy (COLA)
Students (K-12) can attend the COLA once again in the 2020-21 school year. This is similar to our online format from last year with a couple of changes. This is an asynchronous online environment, meaning it is a self-paced program. New for the 2021-22 school year, per Ohio House Bill 110, all students will need to log on for a total of 910 hours for the year (304 hours per trimester for grades K-5, 455 hours per semester for grades 6-12). Another change this year is that students in grades K-8 will no longer have a teacher facilitator; rather, they will have online access to subject specialists in all content areas. These subject specialists are Ohio licensed teachers, but are not Cloverleaf teachers. The director who oversees the COLA program on behalf of Cloverleaf is a Cloverleaf teacher and will be available to you for technical or other support your student(s) may need. Students in grades 9-12 will utilize the same Edmentum program as last year with the same format with student work being overseen by a Cloverleaf teacher facilitator. Parents selecting the COLA option must commit for a minimum of one trimester in grades K-5 or one semester in grades 6-12. The start date for the COLA program is Aug. 19. Please click HERE for enrollment information.

Medina County Educational Service Center Virtual Academy
Another online option for students grades in K-8 is the Medina County ESC Virtual Academy. This is a synchronous program in which students will log on for a virtual school experience during the student day. It is like a regular school day, only online. Parents selecting this option must commit for the entire school year. Those parents who already signed up for this option through the ESC need to do nothing further. Kindergarten will only be offered if a minimum of 20 students from the county sign up. (As of now, there will not be a kindergarten offering). The start date for the Medina County ESC Virtual Academy is Sept. 7. Please click HERE for enrollment information.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities
Co-curricular (marching band) and extracurricular activities will be offered without restriction this year -- barring any orders to the contrary from federal, state or county entities.

Vaccination Clinics
As vaccines become available to students under 12, we will partner with the Medina County Health Department to offer vaccination on our campus similar to the clinics we hosted last school year.

(All listed procedures are subject to change based upon local, state, or federal orders or mandates.)