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Cloverleaf construction community meetings
Dear Cloverleaf Residents, Parents, Students and Staff:

In late 2019, Cloverleaf conducted a scientific survey of the community to learn how residents would like the district to utilize tax revenue generated by the NEXUS pipeline.

The community’s response was clear: Use this once-in-a-lifetime funding opportunity -- coupled with state construction dollars -- to build a new school. What type of school? Given the available options at the time of the survey, the public’s wish was to build a new high school, renovate the former high school into a middle school, and then demolish the current middle school. With the help of GPD Group architects from Akron, Cloverleaf began conducting the preliminary research necessary to determine what such a project would entail.

However, a lot has happened in the meantime -- including COVID-19. One of the results of the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic is that bids for school construction projects across Ohio are coming in significantly lower than expected. The district has also learned it qualifies for additional state funding that can only be used for sixth- to eighth-grade facility construction.

This raises a new possibility: What if Cloverleaf constructed a building that consisted of a separate high school wing AND a separate middle school wing with shared spaces, such as a gymnasium and an auditorium?

Estimates show it would cost at least $5 million LESS to add grades six through eight to the new high school building than it would cost to carry out all the major renovations needed to retrofit the current high school into a middle school -- such as adding air conditioning.

The cost of operating one energy-efficient building with separate wings for the high school and middle school would be lower than the cost of operating two standalone buildings. Cloverleaf would realize the same efficiencies of scale as when the district combined three elementary buildings into the new elementary school in 2012. With the construction of a wing to serve grades six through eight, every grade level at Cloverleaf would then enjoy the benefit of new, state-of-the-art facilities, all without asking voters to approve a new tax levy.

The Cloverleaf Board of Education considered whether to put off construction planning until after the COVID-19 pandemic was over. The board chose to move forward to take advantage of the current favorable interest rates and potential savings in construction costs. This timeline gives Cloverleaf the ability to stretch its construction dollars as far as possible.

We hope you will join us at one of these public engagement sessions led by GPD Group architects to hear more about the Cloverleaf construction project, ask questions and offer feedback. An RSVP is required so that appropriate social distancing can be set up for those who wish to attend in person. You may also attend via Zoom.

The meetings will take place:

9 a.m., Saturday, March 6 at Cloverleaf Elementary School
Zoom link:

6 p.m., Thursday, March 11 at Cloverleaf High School
Zoom link:

The two presentations will be identical, so you do not need to attend both sessions. The meetings are expected to last approximately one hour.

All attendees must wear a mask. Due to social distancing, in-person seating is limited. When all spots are filled, in-person seating will be closed, but you may still attend via Zoom. The sessions will be recorded and posted at, in case you can't attend the live meetings.

Please click this link to RSVP:

If you have any questions, please contact Community Information Coordinator John Gladden at [email protected].

It’s an exciting time for Cloverleaf! We hope you will join us.