Cloverleaf Pride Award Submission Deadline
Starting 4/23/2021
Event Groups:
• Cloverleaf Local Schools - District Events
• Cloverleaf Local Schools - Board Meetings
• Cloverleaf High School - High School Events
• Cloverleaf Middle School - Middle School Events
• Cloverleaf Intranet - Internal
• Cloverleaf Local Schools - Rec Center
• Cloverleaf Local Schools - Technician Schedule
• Cloverleaf Elementary - Cloverleaf Elementary
• Cloverleaf BOE - Cloverleaf BOE Events
Do you know someone who radiates Cloverleaf pride? An individual who goes above and beyond in his or her dedication to Cloverleaf students? Click HERE to nominate that person for a Cloverleaf Pride Award to be presented at graduation. Submission deadline is April 23, 2021.
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