Students honored at OMLA Breakfast of Champions

Gracie with teacher Heidi Chapman

Team Whisk Takers are happy to recognize eighth-grader Gracie Habart for her commitment and devotion to her academics and extracurriculars. Gracie values academics and is high-achieving in all of her core classes, earning Honor Roll each quarter. She naturally embodies the characteristics of a strong leader who is confident, kind and motivated. Gracie inspires her Cloverleaf Middle School classmates and teachers through her artistic creativity, critical thinking skills and strong work ethic.

During Innovation Week, Gracie showcased her originality by designing “Heel-Helper” in order to create a product in which women can comfortably and confidently wear heels in the career setting. Gracie generated research and poll questions to produce the best possible design. Gracie demonstrates integrity as she never backs down from a challenge.

Gracie’s involvement in the school setting surpasses academics. Specifically, her athletic abilities and talents are demonstrated through her participation on a soccer travel team in Cloverleaf, a roller derby team in Akron, and singing lessons in Lodi. Additionally, Gracie has volunteered her time to help complete an audit in which free school supplies are provided for schools in Cleveland. Gracie is determined to grow, learn and challenge herself daily, while also positively impacting the school community.

Stella with teacher Erin Sholtis

The Team Fiesta teachers would love to recognize eighth-grader Stella Bennett. Stella is multifaceted in that she is involved and successful in both academics and athletics. Not only does Stella excel in the classroom, she still finds time to dedicate to soccer (training multiple days a week), her friends and her family.

Stella’s ability to think critically and innovatively led her to receive a Top 5 Award at the middle school’s eighth-grade Innovation Showcase in January when she developed and built a stabilizing camp chair to be used on uneven ground. Stella is a member of many different peer-nominated leadership groups at Cloverleaf Middle School including a suicide prevention program called Hope Squad, student council, student leadership and Emerald Key.

Stella embodies the qualities that make her peers feel welcome and drawn to talk to her. She has empathy for others and all students are comfortable seeking her for guidance and support. We are proud to have Stella as a member of Team Fiesta and can’t wait to see what her future holds.

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