Sisterly bonds run strong in Cloverleaf softball

By Cloverleaf High School Journalism Staff

A sibling bond can be very important in life, especially with sisters. It can be an extremely close relationship, and at the same time a very competitive one.

The Cloverleaf High School girls softball program has two sets of sisters -- and you don’t want to mess with them.

The varsity team showcases the Goode girls, Samantha and Nikki. Samantha is a third-year varsity pitcher for the Colts, while younger sister Nikki is a first-year varsity catcher and third baseman for Cloverleaf.
The Goode sisters 
Sisters Nikki Goode (left) and Samantha
Goode are helping propel the Cloverleaf
softball team to a memorable season.
Photo by their mother, Laura Goode. 

Samantha is currently 13-4 on the season with a 2.60 ERA and 121 strikeouts. She has tossed 16 complete games and has been the anchor for a team that is having a year to remember.

“Sam has been a warrior and a great competitor for us,” varsity Head Coach John Carmigiano said. “She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When I think of Sam, I would always note her smile and her great sense of humor.”

Nikki has thrown out nine out of 21 would-be base-stealers, while compiling a .361 on-base percentage in the middle of the Cloverleaf lineup.

“Nikki Goode is one of the best team players I have ever had the joy of playing with,” senior teammate and first baseman Morgan Lilly said. “It makes me sad that next year I won’t get to play with her.”

Samantha is enjoying playing with Nikki for the first time on the high school team. They have played travel ball together for the past five summers.

“It is awesome being able to play with my little sister on varsity,” Samantha said. “She’s a great softball player, but an even better sister.”

Nikki is trying to appreciate and enjoy the time together because she knows it will go by too fast.

“I have been looking forward to playing on the high school team with her for a long time, even though I have played softball with her since I was 6,” Nikki said. “She is someone I have always looked up to and the reason I started playing softball. She is a great role model to me.”

The junior varsity team highlights the Harris twins, Alizabeth and Emma. The sophomores have been vital in leading a young squad this season.
The Harris sisters 
The junior varsity team highlights the
sophomore Harris twins, Alizabeth Harris
(left) and Emma Harris.

Alizabeth starts at catcher for the JV team, but also plays in the outfield. Emma is the definition of a utility player as she has started at second base, third base and outfield. She also pitches.

“It is a great experience playing with Emma,” Alizabeth said. “It’s a good feeling knowing when your sister can back you up.”

Emma really enjoys the opportunity to have fun and play a sport she loves with her sister.

“It is great playing with my sister,” Emma said. “We definitely have a lot of competitiveness between us. We sometimes even fight, but in the end, it makes us stronger players because we push each other.”

The girls even have their own twin powers that they possess. 

“We both can finish each other’s sentences, and say the same things at the same times,” Alizabeth said. “I know when Emma is feeling down or upset about something, even if she doesn’t show it.”

In addition to looking very similar, the coaches and players say it is easy to notice the twin dynamic in Alizabeth and Emma.

“They are definitely twins,” JV Coach Bethany Mitchell said. “They are sometimes in each other’s heads. They really do get along and help the team and the other girls.”

Emma enjoys being a leader and helping groom the younger players for high school softball.

“It feels good to be able to help the younger girls and influence them,” Emma said. 

“Hopefully, when they are sophomores and juniors, they can then help the younger girls and be a positive influence in the same way.”

The twins leave a lasting impression on everyone -- and they are great teammates and young ladies, according to their coach.

“It has been fun to watch the twins grow as softball players and leaders,” JV Coach Blair Shimandle said. “They are extremely hard-working and competitive. It is obvious that these two are twins as they are very close. At the same time, they are very different and complement each other nicely.”

The Goode sisters bring the charged battery on varsity, while the JV enjoys watching the twin powers activate. Cloverleaf softball has some dynamic duos for the years to come. 

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