CES Peaceful School Bus Program

CES Peaceful School Bus Program

May 28, 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you probably already know, Cloverleaf Elementary School implemented the Peaceful School Bus Program this school year to cut down on student behavior problems on our school buses as well as create a sense of community and responsibility among students riding the bus.  Students who ride together on a bus, as well as their bus driver, met a total of four times this school year in our building with a bus route group leader (Classroom Teacher).  At these meetings, students participated in a variety of activities that enabled them to get to know each, develop a group identity, and work towards making their bus more peaceful.  For example, students worked together to create a name for their bus as well as a bus handshake.  Students also discussed the differences between a peaceful and unpeaceful bus, and they developed a plan to make their bus more peaceful.  Additionally, students were educated about bullying and the different roles individuals can play when a bullying situation occurs.  Lastly, students discussed and role played strategies they could use to solve different problems that may occur on the bus.

Now that our first year with the program is almost complete, we need your feedback.   We ask that you take a few moments to complete a Parent Survey based on your bus experiences from this past school year.  This information will be valuable to us in improving and continuing to develop the program to best fit everyone’s needs.  You can fill out the Parent Survey by clicking HERE.

Thank you for working with us in this program. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Elissa Ray or Lara Stafinski at (330) 721-3841. We thank you in advance for your support. 


The Peaceful School Bus Committee

Gary Drollinger, Annette Dudas, John Ewart, Jennipher Grace, Laura Hadley, Chris Henn,  Pat Haumesser,  Mary Loveless, Sherry Myers, Elissa Ray, Lara Stafinski, and Joyce Stephenson

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