Volunteers needed for graduation set-up

High School graduation is one of the most important events in a young person's life. This year's ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 20, in the Cloverleaf Rec Center.

Every year, in a time-honored tradition, parents (and even grandparents!) come together to honor the senior class by setting up and decorating for the graduation ceremony.  This is especially true for junior class parents who look forward to next year when their son or daughter will be spotlighted.

To continue this tradition, volunteers are needed to make this day a truly special event. The critical day for your help will be Sunday, May 20. This is the morning we decorate the space and make it a true Cloverleaf Colt event.  Balloon arches and balloon bouquets are assembled and put in place. We need people to sign up for a couple of hours in the morning, a couple of hours in the afternoon for tear-down, or both.

Help is also needed on Wednesday, May 16, for floor covering, chair set-up and placement.  It’s important the chair set-up is completed by Wednesday afternoon so the Friday morning graduation run-through can go on without a hitch.

Please sign up for one or more of these times:

Wednesday, May 16, noon  – Floor and chair set up 

Sunday, May 20, 7 a.m. – Balloon decorations

Sunday, May 20, 4 p.m. – Chair take-down, clean-up 

PLEASE consider volunteering ANY amount of time that you can to this important event.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  We can’t make this happen without you!

Remember, all too soon it will be your child or grandchild graduating.  Don't you hope the underclassmen’s parents will do everything they can to make graduation day special for your child?

If you can help, in any way, for any amount of time, please contact Jane Rych at: janerychgraduation@gmail.com  

Volunteers receive special reserved seating for graduation

If you are a parent of a graduating senior, your volunteer hours will be rewarded with the opportunity to reserve up to eight seats (four in the primary section and four in the secondary section)! Jane Rych will reserve up to eight seats so when you arrive on Sunday for the graduation ceremony, your seats will be awaiting you and your family!

Seats can only be reserved through your volunteer efforts and only when requested through Jane Rych.  Special reserved signs will be placed on seats on the morning of graduation, Sunday, May 20, based on the volunteers’ requests to Jane.  All other reserved markers will be removed. This will allow volunteers to be rewarded for their efforts and allow multiple families to enjoy reserved seats in the prime seating locations. 

 A special note to senior parents

Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass along to all of you, especially the first-time graduate parents, some information about your graduate’s chair for the ceremony. 

It has been a great tradition for the parents, and other family members, to place small gifts or mementos on the chair of their graduate, and even the chairs of their close friends.  Gifts can include Cloverleaf items, flowers, small stuffed animals, special cards, a small photo album of memories, or items from the university they will be attending.

I went to Build-a-Bear and made a special bear and colt, selecting the clover fabric. Then I purchased a child’s extra-small shirt from the universities my children were attending and put the shirts on the stuffed animals.  My boys actually liked them!

Whatever you decide to leave, please just make sure it’s smaller in nature so it will fit under your graduate’s chair during the ceremony and be easy to carry when he or she leaves in the procession out of the rec center.  Please don’t leave balloons on the students’ chairs as they interfere with the ceremony and won’t fit under the chairs.    

There will be a graduation program on each graduate’s chair.  We encourage you to write something on your child’s program and on the program of other graduate who is special to you.  If you know of a child who may not be that popular, or you think may not receive any notes, please take a moment to write a note of congratulations and good luck so they, too, will feel included. 

Every year we have a hard time getting this information out to all the parents involved, so …


Thanks and enjoy your child’s graduation experience!

Jane Rych

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