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In terms of geography, Cloverleaf Local School District is one of the largest in Ohio at 119 square miles. It's comprised of five villages and five townships: Chatham Township, Chippewa Lake Village, Gloria Glens Park Village, Guilford Township, Harrisville Township, Lafayette Township, Lodi Village, Seville Village, Westfield Center Village and Westfield Township.

The Transportation Department operates 37 school buses and eight auxiliary vehicles that transport more than 1,700 students on a daily basis. District buses travel more than 650,000 miles per year, averaging almost 20,000 miles per bus.

Cloverleaf Transportation Tips

The Transportation Department would like to thank all our parents for their patience, with all of the road closures, weather conditions and shortage of bus drivers, it does change the times for pick-ups and drop offs.

While our regular drivers know your house, it is the substitute drivers that have a difficult time looking for house numbers.

So here are the top ten tips for helping out your driver and keeping your child safe

  • Have your child at the stop 5 minutes before the pickup, the drivers are looking for the students near the end of the drive

  • Your driver is counting students as they approach because they are expecting a certain number of students at each stop.

  • By being at the stop 5 minutes early the students are ready to board the bus keeping the route on schedule for those who are waiting to get on the bus later on the route.

  • Wearing light colored materials, reflective materials or even waving a flashlight or cell phone flashlight at the bus as it approaches when it’s dark out.

  • Whether you child is crossing or a door side pickup/ drop off remind them to wait for the drivers to signal them to come to the bus. As the driver is checking traffic before having the students come to the bus.

  • Reinforce to your child if they drop something near the bus when exiting not to run back for it as the driver is not expecting this, always wait until the bus is gone and get an adult if something is dropped near the road.

  • Please make sure that your mailboxes are properly numbered with minimum three-inch high reflective numbers.

  • Mailboxes should be numbered on both sides and readily visible. The more houses or mailboxes on your street that are not properly numbered, the greater the likelihood that your house will be missed.

  • Reflective signs/numbers at your house or mailbox not only help school buses it also helps fire, ambulance, and police agencies find your address for emergencies. Reflective signs are available at your local fire department or hardware stores.

  • While students are on the bus they should talk quietly, be respectful and follow the driver’s instructions. Students should remain seated during the entire bus ride, keeping the aisles clear. Managing or controlling student behavior on the school bus is a team effort involving the driver, principal and parents. 

By following the tips listed above we can achieve our goal of being on time and ensuring a safe ride to and from school!


John Ewart
Transportation Director
Cloverleaf Transportation Department
109 Maple Grove Ave.
Lodi, Ohio 44254-1331 

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